Monday 14 October - from 12:55

South Hall 3C (Level 3)

TBI evaluation in the Emergency Department: Where are we now and where are we going?

Chair: Paul Jarvis, UK (Abbott Medical Director)
Speakers: Alastair Jones (UK), Markus Wehler (Germany)

  • Unmet needs and challenges regarding the current tools and approach to traumatic brain injury evaluation
  • How the current approach impacts patient care and burden to the hospital
  • Existing and future developments regarding the use of biomarkers for TBI evaluation
  • How biomarkers may be used in the future clinically to improve patient care and hospital performance


Chamber Hall (Level 3)

Optiflow Nasal High Flow in the ED's : update and recent data

Chairs: Patrick Plaisance (France), Shashank Patil (UK)

  • Mechanisms of action & physiological effects. Malcom Sim (UK)
  • Nasal High Flow for hypoxemic or hypercapnic patients in ED’s, where are we ? Nicolas Marjanovic (France) 
  • The use of high-flow nasal cannula in pneumonia: should I stay or should I go? A proposal for an Italian RCT. Roberto Cosentini (Italy)


Terrace 2B (Level 2)

Bleeding under Anticoagulants - Challenges, Management and Reversal of DOACs

Chairs: Dietmar Fries (Austria), Jan Beyer-Westendorf (Germany)

  • Bleeding under anticoagulants and the use of antidotes - Main strategies for the reversal of the anticoagulant effect. Adrian Parry-Jones (UK)
  • DOAC antidote - reversal of anticoagulant effect of direct factor Xa inhibitors. Jan Beyer-Westendorf (Germany)
  • Antidote Use – practical clinical experience and case reports. Frank Wollenweber (Germany)
  • Panel discussion and questions

Tuesday 15 October - from 12:55

South Hall 3C (Level 3)

The Angels Initiative: 3 years and counting

Chair: Nicolás Riera López (Spain)

  • EMS Awards: A tool to improve stroke patient pathways? Nicolás Riera Lopez (Spain)
  • Prehospital management of stroke patients in Slovakia. Matej Polak (Slovakia)
  • EMS e-learning: an interactive tool to learn about priority actions for EMS services. Petr Jaššo (Czech Republic)
  • Emergency Medical Services: The Advanced Stroke Life Support® Program. Ivette Motola (USA)

Chamber Hall (Level 3)

Redefining trauma analgesia: Moving beyond current standards of care

Chair: Maaret Castren (Finland)

  • Why do we need to redefine trauma analgesia? Maaret Castren (Finland)
  • Fast, effective alternative to opioids: Results from an Italian RCT. Germana Ruggiano (Italy) & Antonio Voza (Italy)
  • Enhances multi-modal pain relief: Results from a French RCT. Agnes Ricard-Hibon (France)
  • Penthrox in practice: Panel discussion and questions

South Hall 3AB (Level 3)

Demystifying NOAC reversal in emergency medicine

Chair: Alexander Cohen (UK)

  • Current paradigm and challenges in treating high-risk patients receiving NOACs. David Julian Seiffge (Switzerland)
  • What NOAC reversal agents are available and how should we use them? Jecko Thachil (UK)
  • Demonstrating good practice in NOAC reversal in the emergency setting. Michael Christ (Switzerland)
  • Panel discussion and questions


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