Getting to Athens

The best way to arrive to Athens is by air, but there are, or course, the alternative routes by train, car or ferry boats which leave from various  ports of Italy  like  Venice, Ancona, Bari , Brindisi and Otranto as well as the train journey through the Balkan Peninsula. Visitors to Athens and Greece in general from the European Union countries and Schengen countries (do not need a visa and they can travel with their ID's.



Athens International Airport Website:

The airport serves  flights to Greece daily from several international airlines from all over the world

Getting to the airport:

The metro and the Proastiakos Suburban  rail as well as taxis and buses to and from  Athens are to be found opposite the main exit of  the airport, the bus journey is cheap and takes between 40 and 45 minutes to the city centre at Syntagma (Parliament) Square (of course depending on the time and traffic), therefore the best way is to take the Athens metro that connects the airport with Athens and Piraeus. There are car hire agencies at the airport and if you want to rent a car.



Train travel is not so much in fashion anymore due to the complexity of the journey through the Balkans. For those arriving from western Europe by car or train a good recommendation is to use the  Greek ferries route from Italy to Greece.



Athens' road network consists of motorways, national roads, highways and asphalt roads. Greece's main road axes are:

  • Athens - Thessaloniki (E 75)
  • Athens - Corinth (E 94)
  • Corinth - Patras (E 65)
  • Corinth - Tripoli - Kalamata (E 65)
  • Patras - Pyrgos - Olympia (E 55)
  • Thessaloniki – Kavala - Alexandroupoli (E 90)

The new Attiki Odos Motorway in Athens is a cutting-edge motorway that links the town of Elefsina (located in western Attica) to the Eleftherios Venizelos Athens International Airport (Spata, eastern Attica). Part of the Athens peripheral ring road, it circumvents Athens and offers 27 main and secondary interchanges for entrance and exit into /from the capital. To enter the motorway tolls are paid, the fare depending on vehicle category based on height and axis number.


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