Disaster Medicine

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Saturday 23 September: 8:30 - 17:30 & Sunday 24 September: 8:30-12:30



Price: € 370


Mass Gun Shooting and Blast: how to deal with these new challenges


Course Directors

  • Massimo Azzaretto (Italy)
  • Francesco Della Corte (Italy)
  • Abdo Khoury (France)



Course description and learning objectives

New threats and challenges are facing our health systems. EMS and In hospital community has to adapt and be prepared to such kind of violent actions and deal with their impacts. Planning for an adequate surge is crucial as well as accessing patients quickly and providing damage control (e.g., tourniquets) and rapid evacuation to an appropriate trauma center to address internal injuries. Paris, Istanbul, Brussels among many others, are crucial examples of what we are facing now and what our future unfortunately can be.
The aim of this course is to address all these issues and enable colleagues whom are not familiar with this type of clinical practice, to feel more confident in managing mass shooting multiple casualties. Experienced speakers from the military combined with Civil EMS will help us understand where to focus to improve their response capability in prehospital and hospital settings.




Saturday 23 September

08:30 Welcome & Introduction Massimo Azzaretto, Francesco Della Corte, Abdo Khoury  
08:45 State of the Art  
  - Mechanism of blast injuries  
  - Mechanism of gun shooting  
  - Prehospital management: the scoop and run?  
10:15 Coffee Break and Networking   
10:45 State of the Art (Part 2)  
  - Triage in MCI pre-hospital and in hospital   
  - Prehospital management: The MARCH approach  
  - In hospital management: Damage control Surgery  
  - What about Wounded Children?  
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 The New Threats  
  - Out of Hospital
  - In hospital  
15:30 Coffee break and Networking  
 16:00 - From military to civilian setting: US experience, EU experience  
  - Terrorist attacks: Training by simulation  
17:30 Discussion and Wrap-up  


Sunday 24 September

08:30 - 13:00 Hands on

tourniquet, junctional/pelvis

A crico, masofarineal tube
R PNX treatment, suching chest wound
C IO device, tourniquet, packing
H hypothermia prevention, head trauma management
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